Bra Fitting 101 – The Underband

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We all have that one go to bra, that faithful comfy old reliable, but is it actually giving you the support you need?

Not to fear, we’ve got your back! Welcome to Bra Fitting 101, the first installment in our new monthly series, in an aim to help women around the world find their fit, we’re starting a monthly blog offering top tips to help you be sure you’re wearing the right size bra.

This week’s topic … (drum roll please) the underband.

The underband is the band that extends around your back and is the main source of support from your bra. On average women wear a back size two sizes too large, crazy right?! And if the underband size of you bra is not correct, it can have a huge impact on how your bra performs!

Look out for your underband rising up your back, this means your back size is too big. It should sit flat, parallel to your bust at the front; if it is riding up to create a ‘U’ shape at the back, it is too large. A loosely fitting underband can put strain on your shoulder straps from the breasts weighing down on the cups pulling the back upwards; this can lead to shoulder/back pain, but also rubbing and chaffing. A correctly fitting bra should not have movement to be able to ride up; it should fit firmly around your back, so to properly support your breasts.


If you feel you are forever pulling down your underband or re adjusting your bra, you may need to try a smaller back size. A correctly fitting underband may feel snug at first if you have been use to wearing a larger back size, but it will soon become the norm.

Knowing whether you are wearing the right size bra can be tough, so if you have any doubts about your size, if you’re experiencing any pain or discomfort or even if you just haven’t been measured in a while, go and get fitted! Your breasts will thank you!

Try our interactive Fit Guide.

Bra Fitting 101 – The Underband