Bra Hack: How to Turn your Bra into a Halter Neck

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Many women are unaware of the endless possibilities that strapless bras bring. All of our strapless styles come complete with removable straps, so you can have a play with the multi-way options at hand. It’s quite straight forward to just clip on your straight across straps or cross-back straps to your strapless bra, but we understand that a Halter Neck conversion can be a little confusing!

Read on to discover how you can convert your strapless bra into a Halter neck bra in just a few simple steps!

(We have used our Panache Evie Strapless bra in these images)

Our strapless styles are all crafted to give you all the ultimate support, lift and shape you need without the straps. However, sometimes we have our own little ‘comfort blankets’ and your bra straps might be one of them! So, if you feel a little better knowing you’ve got some straps in place but are wearing an outfit with a halter neckline, give this bra hack a try!

Shop our Strapless Collection. Happy Halting!

Bra Hack: How to Turn your Bra into a Halter Neck