Bra problems: cursed cups!

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In the next in our series of individual problems that can occur with an incorrectly fitting bra, we’re looking at problems to do with the cups of your bra. Our Bra Fit Challenge gives you a really good idea of whether you might be wearing the wrong size bra or not – why not give it a go if your bra is causing you problems?

One area of our bras that we don’t always realise can be a good indicator of whether we are wearing the correct size or not are the cups. Lots of bras now feature moulded or lightly-padded cups, which can actually alter how the bra appears to fit; however, there are still some guidelines when checking your bra cups to see if you are wearing the right size.


If your bust is ‘squished’ out of the top of your bra, the cups are probably too small

For the perfect fit, your bust should fit snugly in your bra cups with no gaps, and no ‘squishing’ out either! If you look at your bra in the mirror from the side, there should be a smooth silhouette over the top of your breast the rest of the cup, with no gaps or bulges. The cup should contain your breast entirely, but – if you wear underwired bras – shouldn’t extend into your armpit. You’ll know if it does as it is likely to dig in.

If you regularly wear moulded cup bras and there are gaps between your bust and the inside of the bra cup, then your cup size is probably too large. If you normally wear non-moulded cups, you might also notice wrinkling or bagginess in the cups – this is a sign that the cup size is probably too big as well.


If the cups are wrinkling, the size is probably too large

Many of us, at some time or another, will want to enhance our natural assets and might opt for a plunge or push up bra. However, you shouldn’t be wearing a bra size that always squashes your breasts in and creates bulges at the side or top, or digs your bust, creating the dreaded ‘quadraboob’! If this sounds like your bra, it’s likely your cup size is too small and may be painful.

Feeling fantastic and confident in how you look is important for all women, so don’t forget that your bra can dramatically change this. Check your bra regularly and, if you think you might be wearing the wrong size, make sure you get a professional fitting.

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Bra problems: cursed cups!