Celebrity focus – Jennifer Lawrence

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At the age of just twenty years old, starlet Jennifer Lawrence became the second youngest female ever to have been nominated for an Academy Award for best actress.

After playing her role in the more recent post-apocalyptic themed movie, Hunger Games, Jennifer shot to international stardom and has continued to pick up more of the sought after nominations and awards dished out by the likes of the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award.

It has to happen; every now and then a new fresh face enters stage left onto the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood movie set. Jennifer is a shining example of the new wave of actresses ready to take their moment in the limelight – and what a silhouette she creates! Attention has been drawn to her shapely hourglass figure in interviews with the leading lady, and for all the right reasons.  Healthy training regimes taken in preparation for her film roles has left Jen’s womanly curves in-tact, and thank goodness; if it’s something we see all too often, it’s the progressive weight loss of these new and naturally beautiful stars.  

Jennifer’s on-screen presence and ability to captivate an audience can be attributed to several factors – not least her self-confidence.  Jen is quite clearly happy in her own body, and it shows. As any female will tell you, this self-assurance is boosted by how we feel; get this right, and your inner goddess will stare down the eye of any lens.

Her cast, film crew and stylist will work tirelessly to ensure that each scene shows Jen’s assets off in the best light; speech, choreography and wardrobe have to be perfect, but who’s looking out for us? In the absence of any such entourage, Panache offer the perfect lingerie to help us play the heroin as well as Jennifer does. As the only leading lady to your everyday life, it makes sense to take care of this role. Fill your draw with the perfect fitting bras in a multitude of variations: lace, colour, strapless – because you never know what perils you will need to overcome.

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Celebrity focus – Jennifer Lawrence