New Year wardrobe editing

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We’ve welcomed in the new year now and we’re (hopefully) sticking to our resolutions. With the New Year, often comes a New You, and what better way to say hello to a new and improved woman in the mirror, than a wardrobe revamp?

Any fashion conscious woman will tell you there’s no such thing as ‘too many’ clothes, but we’ve experienced the overflowing wardrobe many a time and this year we’re taking a vow to simplify our clothes collection. So, rather than tackling our wardrobes and underwear draws head first with the idea of having a huge clear out, at Panache, we’ll be taking steps to simplifying it instead.  We find it hard to part with beloved fashion pieces, so we’ve put together our top tips to help you get a new, improved and stylishly simplified wardrobe.

First thing’s first, remove all items from your wardrobe and lay them in front of you – what haven’t you worn in the last year? It’s time to part with that dress that doesn’t fit or the top you never actually wore; let them go to a good home.  Secondly, is it in good condition? If the item is starting to look a bit frayed or tatty, maybe it’s time to say goodbye? And thirdly, do you love it? At Panache we’re guilty of the odd impulse buy and grabbing a bargain sale item that we’ve never actually got round to wearing, but if it’s not a garment you love and want to wear, leave it out of your wardrobe.

Having a simplified wardrobe will help you feel more organised and you’ll be able to plan your outfits more effectively by knowing exactly what’s in there. You’ll be able to see everything from your day to day basics for work, to your favourite glamorous evening dresses.

So who’s joining us and simplifying their wardrobe? Let us know your top tips for a successful wardrobe clear out.

New Year wardrobe editing