Shaping Up: How To Select Supportive Sportswear

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There are a number of reasons why a sports bra is essential if you undertake any form of exercise especially as a lot of damage can be done if a supportive bra isn’t worn. Equally, you can harm your posture and more if you wear a sports bra that’s the wrong size. When you’re selecting one, choose our Panache Sports Bra. Available from a B to H cup and in a variety of colours – black, white, grey, coral and coming soon- cobalt blue – it’s the bra you’ll wear again and again. Read our advice to make sure it’s the perfect fit.


Visit one of our stockists and try it out for yourself – if there’s not some trial and error, then it’s a miracle. Ensure that your breasts don’t spill out at the top of the cups or at the sides of the cups near to your armpits, and make sure your back is free from bulges too. Another bit of advice is to ensure your chest measurement is accurate – you should be using the last set of bra teeth, as the ones beyond that are for when the bra loosens after numerous washes.

The cup sizes need to be perfect for optimal support during physical activity too. Once you’ve popped your bra on, lift your breasts and sit them into each cup. Not one woman is symmetrical, so if one of your breasts is larger than the other, accommodate that one and adjust the strap on the other side accordingly. Straps should be firm but not too tight.

Watch our video featuring fashion expert Caryn Franklin for visual advice here – it’s the best way of ensuring you get the fit of our bra just right.

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Shaping Up: How To Select Supportive Sportswear