Top five underwear scenes in film and music

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With the latest news that a pair of underpants worn by Elvis Presley is to be auctioned, and thought to reach around £10,000, we decided to take a tongue-in-cheek look at some of the most memorable underwear from film and music!


The Graduate

This classic film from 1967 featured fabulous music, acting, and not to mention one of the most famous scenes of seduction in cinema history. The image of Mrs Robinson’s stocking as she draws it up her leg while Dustin Hoffman looks on nervously not only became an icon of contemporary film, but showed mature women everywhere as sexy and seductive. Some of the songs from Simon and Garfunkel’s soundtrack were major hits, too, like the eponymous ‘Mrs Robinson’.


Madonna Blonde Ambition tour in 1990

When Madonna emerged onto the stage dressed in the latest incarnation of a fifties whirlpool bra, a Jean Paul Gaultier corset, it was no wonder that her Blonde Ambition tour became infamous. With raunchy dances, incredible costuming and, of course, that conical corset-bra, it set the scene for a lifetime of exhibitionist performances by the Queen of Pop. You can tell where Lady Gaga got her ideas from!


Rocky Horror Picture Show

Any musical fan will know, and love, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, written by Richard O’Brien (he of Crystal Maze fame). With pretty much everyone in the film sporting stockings, heels and suspenders (men and women alike) the film demonstrated that you don’t have to be a supermodel to wear sexy underwear – you can also be a singing transvestite like Tim Curry.


Eric Prydz Call on Me

In recent years, the video for club anthem Call on Me by Eric Prydz has become infamous for its revealing focus on underwear. In the video, a selection of tanned and honed aerobics fans body-pop in some incredibly 90s high-leg leotards – the lead figure, in fact, wears a thong leotard. We prefer something a little more suitable for the gym – like a baggy t-shirt and cycling shorts!


Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch

Marilyn, the ultimate curvy woman, is surely in the most iconic underwear scene of all time – and we don’t even really see anything! Unlike all of the others on our list, this scene, where Marilyn stands over a subway grate and her dress is blown up with a gust of wind, only has a hint of underwear in it. However, like any real star, Marilyn knew never to give it all away; it’s that hint of mystery and that split-second flash that makes the scene so iconic! Plus, the girl wears big pants – and that’s never gone out of fashion.

Top five underwear scenes in film and music