What to wear to your office Christmas party

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A sharp intake of breath, (as though each time is a revelation to her) then cue the infamous words– ‘what shall I wear?’ The words echo around changing rooms, department stores and in the lifts up to the office more in the run up to the festive season than at any other time of the year.

It’s the office Christmas party and you need to look ravishing.

As any woman will say in order to justify her spend on the perfect (but outrageously priced) outfit, ‘I want to be able to wear it again’. This means it has to look divine, but also play nicely with the shoes and accessories you already own, because let’s face it, you spent your entire budget on that dress. Your underwear however, well, who could possibly have been able to foresee that you were going to purchase a one-strap satin number?  This requires a little work behind the scenes.

The office party is absolutely your time to shine. Networking is likely to be at the top of the agenda for the evening, and you want an outfit which will reflect your charm and your witty repertoire! Last on your agenda should be time spent worrying about the roaming bra strap, your VPL, and avoiding any light which might emphasise your less than smooth silhouette.

Taking even more care to ensure that your eyes are smoking, your lips are rouged and your lashes create a look to convince even Maybelline that you were born with it, why would you jeopardise it all by neglecting the items quite literally held closest to your chest?

Cocktail, prom, wiggle, full length: each dress with its own endearing quirk, and the potential for an underwear mishap on every hanger. Get it covered, literally.

Let the dress do the talking

The classic strapless: for a ‘barely there’ approach. Correctly fitted, something like the Evie strapless bra will provide all the support of your every-day bra.

Nothing to hide

Opting for the full sleeve, tailored jacket, or perhaps the peplum to hide your modesty? Take advantage of the lace and textured fabrics that are on offer in this winter’s hues.

This Sienna Balconette Bra and brief set will go a long way in making you feel every bit the angel on top of the Christmas tree!

Dining, cocktails, dancing; whatever the theme of your Christmas party, you’ll no doubt want to look and feel your absolute best. Choosing an outfit you feel comfortable in is important when it comes to enjoying your evening, and pairing it with the perfect underwear will go a long way towards adding that extra sparkle you were looking for!

What to wear to your office Christmas party