Why Cup Sized/Bra Sized Swimwear is so Important

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Define a size ‘14’ bust? Exactly. Women come in all different shapes and sizes, which is why we stress the importance of finding your perfect fit and providing you with lingerie that supports your natural shape and size the best it can. We are taking what we know about lingerie and applying it to supportive swimwear…

(Summer Halter Neck Bikini: D-G cup, 30-38 band) (High Waist Pant 8-20)

(Marina Bandeau Bikini D-G cup, 30-38 band) (Marina Brazilian: 8-20)


For the sake of your own comfort

You deserve to be comfortable whether you’re sunbathing on the beach, doing a little synchronised swimming or having a spa day with the girls. Your swimwear should make you feel great, and if you’re compromising on the fit then there’s a good chance it won’t! Investing in bra sized swimwear will ensure that everything is sitting comfortably exactly where it should be, giving you the right amount of support and lift. And let’s be honest, when you feel great on the inside, its shows!

(Aspen Balconette Bikini: D-H cup, 28-38 band) (Classic Pant 8-20)


Get style and substance

Think of Panache Swim as the literal swimwear version of Panache Lingerie. We put the components that go into our supportive lingerie into our swimwear too, so that you can have all the benefits of a constructed bra within your swimwear. Teaming both substance with style gives you the best of both worlds, with a range of colour ways, patterns and styles to suit everyone. Have you never been able to wear a bandeau style, or have you just never tried Panache Swim before? Panache Swim’s bra sized swimwear is designed and constructed with the purpose of not only looking great, but to support D+ bust sizes. You may be surprised at the new variety of styles you’ve been missing out on – you can hit the waves without the fear of a wardrobe malfunction!

(Florentine Bandeau Bikini: D-G cup, 30-40 band) (Gather Pant: 8-20)


Take care of your body

You may not think you wear your swimwear as long as you do your lingerie, however think of how long you’re going to be spending by the beach/pool. If it’s for almost all day and for most days of your holiday, you really don’t want to be neglecting your bust of support. Not giving your breasts the support they need for long amounts of time, especially when you’re fuller busted, can lead to the weight causing your breast tissue to sag and droop. Protect your assets by investing in Panache Swim, providing your bust with the support, lift and projection you need in your true size.

(Anya Balconette Swimsuit: D-K cup, 30-40 band)

(Anya Spot Bandeau Bikini: D-G cup, 30-40 band) (Gather Pant: 8-20)

Check out our Panache Swim collection and find your supportive swimwear favourites. With a range of styles including bikinis, swimsuits and tankinins with a size range of 28-42 bands and D-K cups. There’s absolutely no reason to compromise on the fit, support and comfort when it comes to swimwear – you can get the best of both worlds with Panache Swim.

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Why Cup Sized/Bra Sized Swimwear is so Important