Why You’re Probably Wearing the Wrong Bra Size

We know we go on about it a lot, but it’s only because we care.

Knowing that over 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, and probably suffering from multiple health and comfort issues as a result, is a wrong that we want to put right. That’s why Panache is dedicated to changing women’s lives, one bra at a time. In this blog we’ll discuss why it’s so important to get a professional fitting and how it means your bra hating days could be over.

Wearing the wrong size bra can cause:

      • Back ache
      • Shoulder ache
      • Skin irritation caused by straps digging in
      • Neck ache
      • Headaches
      • Discomfort
      • Bad posture
      • Irreversible damage to ligaments causing breast pain and sagging
      • A huge passionate hate against bras

      Don’t worry, we’re not here to get on at you, we’re just here to help you learn. After all, we’re not all born with a degree in bra fitting!

      Sadly, many women are making the right choice to get fitted, but at the wrong place. Even though its 2019 and women come in all shapes and sizes, there are still so many lingerie brands out there that surprisingly only cater to a small size range. This means that they could measure you to fit in their sizes no matter what. Let’s say for example, you’re a perfect 30E, but they don’t carry 30 backs in their brand. They could suggest you try a 32 back to encourage you to purchase their lingerie. At Panache, we do not do this. The perfect fit is incredibly important to us, and we will make sure you are aware of what your true size is.

      This then leads to one of the most common misconceptions when it comes to bra sizing: women wearing a size where the back is too large and the cup is too small. If you’ve had a fitting before and gone in a 34B and came out a 30D, you might be thinking ‘what on earth are they talking about?!’ but here’s the explanation behind it: Wearing a too large band size and a too small cup size means that your breasts are supported by your bra straps. This is a NO GO. It puts unnecessary pressure on your shoulders, causing the straps to dig in and hurt. Your breasts should be supported nicely from underneath, which is what happens when you’re fitted in the correct size.

      For those of you out there thinking ‘’I’ve been fitted before, I’m off the hook!’ you might need to think again. It’s actually recommended that you go for a fitting every 6 months. Now that may seem like a lot, but it’s for a good reason. Everyone’s body weight fluctuates naturally due to different reasons like weight loss, weight gain and hormones (sometimes even without a reason) and that means your breasts do too. It’s important to always be on the same page as your breasts as they are always changing, even if you don’t realise it.

      You should especially go for a fitting if you’ve:

      • Gained weight
      • Lost weight
      • Had a baby
      • Had breast related surgery
      • Not been fitted in over 6 months

      Wearing the correct size can also change the way you look in a bra, with and without clothing. A badly fitting bra can make your breasts look squashed, bulky and misshapen, and the negative effect it has on your posture will cause you to stand strange and look different. Converting to a correctly fitted bra size can make you have a more projected and natural shape that allows clothes to look and feel smoother, whilst giving you an improved posture. Looking and feeling comfortable and supported will allow you to have the confidence that your bra is helping you, not hindering you. A great outfit is built on great foundations, and we understand how feeling great on the inside can show on the outside.

      Panache is dedicated to enlightening women of a large range of sizes to find their perfect fit. We want you to understand why it’s so important, we want you to have access to the best professional fitting services and finally, we want you to have the best lingerie.

      So, what are you waiting for? After all, it’s free and it’s for your benefit! We have Panache Stockists that are trained to correctly fit you so you can discover what it feels like to wear the right size bra. Join the Panache revolution and leave the life of uncomfortable and bad fitting bras behind you. Your Perfect Fit is out there and waiting.

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Why You’re Probably Wearing the Wrong Bra Size